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Hi gang, stacy gonzalez here. And to answer all the questions, NO i am not the same stacy in that playboy! I like the beach. It seems like it is the only place i can succeed? Why? Because i just sit and enjoy the waves, and cry. When i joined SWIM i thought it would be a new beginning for me, all those painful memories of other environmental groups would fade into the past. But then i remember. I am me. I AM STACY GONZALEZ!! And so i continue to fight for our little friend, the sea pig. Garp is a great guy, he always backs me up. Not like those other guys at the other groups ive been with. Theyre always trying things with me. But anyway, ive got some great events coming up! Ths Friday we are having an informal coffee talk at the Seawitch's brew pub in uptown seattle. I hope alot of ppl an make it, ive made some charts and drawings, as well as a few fun and informative games. Hope to see you all there!

Well, thanks to the three people who showed up, and especially that guy who stayed through to the end. I would have to call that successful. Garp says not to worry, it takes a lot to spread it. I just have a hard time wondering, who couldnt make it Friday? I thought it would be better. Noone seemed to like my games. I think next time i will make fewer games and more charts. People like charts. Its easy to digest info! Thats what garp says. Well, Sunday, tomorrow, we will be picketing the shell oil company building in olympia. If anyone wants to go, meet at the bus station on broadway at 10 am ok? See you there!

well, **I** showed up, and picketed dammit! I just figured Sunday would be a great day to picket Shell because most people would have the day off and would have time. Maybe we can try it again sometime. I spend a lot of time making those signs though. I got out my paints and my charcoal and started writing and drawing. There were lots of pretty rainbows and fish and smiley faces but i guess noone cared as much as i did. Garp came over to help, he had a lot of doughnuts. Even my cats helped. Mr huggles got paint on his paws and walked over a lot of signs! I think it was kinda cute. Also, it symbolized how the sea pigs and other sea things are walked all over by the "claws" of bad companies. Socks purred on my lap when i felt sad, and mr fluffy rubbed all the signs. I might change his name to mr solidarity! Mr fluffy is the hairy one. At least they still love me. Well, so i went anyway and i brought all of the signs, but noone showed up. So what i did is i walked around and every couple laps around the block i changed signs. People probably thought i was a different person! So at least that helps!

hi gang. I have a big project in store for this weekend. I will let you know on Friday! I think everyone will be greatly pleased. I had kind of a setback this weekend. My car was stolen, probably by someone who really needed it but it meant that i couldnt get to my mothers and she was very angry with me. I spent most of Saturday healing, and on top of it mr. fluffy and socks weren't there for me. They were hiding in the crawl space again! Only mr. huggles comforted me. But i got up and over it. After all, gotta get back on the horse! I just read some out of this motivational book ive been reading. I got it at Jimmy's Latte down on 5th. Also the police had called, he was such a nice guy even though i wondered if he was against those protests we had and they found the car down by the river. I'll spare you the details, but let's just say it stinks pretty bad now. Garp gave me the air freshener from his car though, he's so sweet!

ok i cant wait to tell you! the project for this friday is we are going out in the SWIM boat and we are going to picket some fishermen! they have been catching sea pigs in their nets and they have got to be stopped! i will be making signs down at The Boston Tea Party coffee shop on broadway tonight if anyone wants to join! and then we are going to head out to sea on saturday, we'll drive our boat around their boat singing and holding our signs. take that, sea scum! itll be the greatest. I also got a letter today, from the college i went to, berkely. they say i didnt finish! and that i owe them 10,000 dollars!i wondered why they never sent my diploma. i couldnt hardly believe it. something about not finishing phys ed, and having too many imcompletes. my dad was right, i never should have gone there. that whole college was just a painful rollercoaster ride of emotions. id find a new guy, he would seem so liberal and sensitive and 90s, but he just wanted one thing. and it wasnt to help me study! it made me so happy to go there, especially since they made me leave the U of san fran for burning down my dorm. how was i supposed to know that candles could get that hot??? that was right after my boyfriend broke up with me and started going out with my mom. my dad divorced her then and blamed me...sometimes life can be full of so much hurt. at least i have my cats now. and it helps to cry. garp let me cry in his office for a couple hours yesterday after the letter came. he even brought me a kleenex! i had to listen to john tesh though. and i could hear roland in the background yelling about how i "suck" and "if you don't stop f-----g bawling we're gonna f-----g drown, you crybaby little b---h" but garp and rich went to talk to him and he said was kinda sorry and shook my hand hard. i guess thats better than nothing.

well the preparations are well underway! there was a small setback this morning when i got up, tripped over my paints and signs for this weekend and sprained my ankle. my huggles came to me and laid on my back, comforting me until garp came over at about 12.30 (garp never gets up before noon) and found me there, writhing in pain. he got me all bandaged up and happened to have an abba cd on him so we listened to that. so unfortunately i will have to wear some bandages this weekend but im irresolute! we will march forward! our boating will not be stopped. I AM STACY GONZALEZ! my sister, rebecca, is coming this weekend too and i am excited about that. i hope she doesn't bring her marmots though. shes kind of a hedonist. she hangs out with these German guys who are always getting drunk and yelling about how they dont care about nothing and its not about the marmots! one time they threatened to cut off my johnson and i was really scared. im not sure what my johnson is or what it is, but i dont think i am ready to lose it. what if i need it? i think mr huggles would protect me though, hes pretty protective over me. whenever im sad, he always seems to know and comes to lay on my back or chest. one time i hit my head on the counter and passed out! when i woke up he was kinda lying on my face. i guess he was worried that my head would get cold! what a great cat.

hi gang, as i type this all i can hear is the pounding, pounding thunder of my tears, and the soft mewling of Socks, whom i will never hear again. We lost him sunday, i feel so broken. now i also hear the tapping of keys on the keyboard, i think its from me. he was such a good cat and loved me too! ill always have his memories though...this will be short as i have had barely enough energy to wake up today, i am so sad..our boat was smashed, we lost Socks. Garp held me for quite a long time. almost too long. but its nice he was there for me. and one of the guys on the fishing boat gave me his number, he was pretty cute. he gave me some tissues. i hope to be back soon gang, hang in there, we'll all remember socks! :(

hi gang. id like to thank everyone here at SWIM for supporting me, as well as the tons of emails sent in by the multitudes of ordinary SWIM members who felt and shared my loss. this weekend garp and i are going to get a new kitty for me, i feel so excited. but also sad. i honor of Socks, i will look for a cat that has socks. but i have already decided on a new name..when i find a cat, his name will be Mario LeMew. I think that is so clever! I think sometimes i will call him Mr LeMew though, its so cute! Le MEW! i hope mr huggles and mr fluffy will like him. also as a result of our slumber party, garp and i have organized a protest to be held on monday morning at an undisclosed corporate headquarters! all i can tell you is that its down in olympia, so we will have to do a bit of road tripping to get there! rich said he would drive. i hope his van doesnt smell like he does. it was fun at the slumber party, rich was invited but he didnt show up. and who would have believed that garp wears those footy pajamas with the zipper down the front? that you have to pretty much undress to go to the bathroom? but as he said, ithelps him remember his childhood and i guess thats good. but garp kept saying that we should make this a real slumber party and sit around in our panties and bras. i just wore some flannel, it was kinda cold so i didnt want to have a "real" slumber party. i dont know if he wanted me to lend him panties and a bra or if he brought his own? it was sort of confusing. but eventually we got to sleep after Garp called his mother to say goodnight. i let garp sleep on my pullout bed, although he said it would be no trouble if he just slept in my bed but its only a twin so i told him that he'd be more comfortable in the foldout and so he went to pull that out. it was fun though, garp made me promise we could do it again. well gang thats it for today!

HI gang. i have mixed news today for once. our protest was pretty successful, i mean we were there for almost two hours. but then i had a little accident, a bus hit me a little. im ok, the police took me to the hospital, after that the took me to jail though, and fined me $500!!! My dad sent the money, and Garp was nice enough to come down to the station to bail me out, his mom let him borrow her car, and he was quite nervous because she doesnt like to let him drive more than a few blocks away. but im ok now, and the bacon is off my back. and my new cat, mr lemew was so happy to see me when i got back! that made me feel a lot better. i want to plan another protest soon, if you have any ideas you can usually find me down at Kumar's Koffee Kapital on wednesday nights. bring your ideas and coffee needs!

hi gang, i dont know about anyone else but i sure am still sad about monica. but i dont want to talk about it too much. instead, i have the cutest story! yesterday, my cat mr huggles, was lying peacefully in the windowsill watching traffic go by, i dont know what his thing is but if he gets outside that cat loves to play in traffic. just then, mr fluffy jumps on him and starts rubbing his body on him! it was so funny i fell out of my hammock laughing. mr huggles kept trying to get away, i guess he didnt want to play right then, he wanted to rest! but on a sad note, my plan for a protest at Dan's Donut Den for using sea pig fat in their doughnuts was stopped because we found out after we got there that he uses vegetable oil. he was kinda mad but showed us the bottles, so we all went home. but, soon we'll protest again, and itll be successful!
hey gang! stacy here. we hope to have another one of our wildly successful protests this weekend. again, as usual we can tell uwhen or where, but we hope you can show up! i mean, actually we'll send out flyers about it when the time comes for SWIM members to show their solidarity, but until then its real hush hush. whenever iask garp about it he just turns up his john tesh! he and i are going to have a sleep over again i guess, he kept asking about it and asking and asking so i agreed, i guess his mom said he could go out this weekend, which is good for him i guess.

howdy gangerinos. we didnt have a sleep over, i guess garps mom changed her mind or something. thats ok. weve been spending a lot of time researching on the inter-net about a really bad organization. we'll have it up soon, so share their evil with everyone! itll be great. then i think we are getting back to protests. at least ihope so, its what i really excel in! whenever i dont have something to focus on i just sit in my aparment in the bedroom closet and cry, and wont let myself out for hours. i hurt sometimes.

the article is up gang! it is avery personal to me, as i am a cat lover. i cant belive there is a society for the extinction of cats. that is so horrible. i mean, what did a cat ever do to anyone? the only bad things ive ever heard is sometimes when and old lady who has like 50 cats dies, and noone notices her right away, and they eat her. i guess thats they cycle of life, as rich says. they really need it. and shes dead. Roland said he ate a pussy once, but i dont belive him. who could eat a cat? thats terrible, although i heard in korea that they eat dogs. i suppose its part of their culture so i dont have anything to say about it. i gues somethign is ok when its a part of your culture, cuz im all multicultural and stuff, i belive we should let people alone. except when we need to change them for things, like killing cats. although if that was part of the culture i dont know what id do then. id ask rich, im sure its a part of the wheel or whatever, but he always wants to either talk in his bus, or if i go in his office hes sleeping and doesnt have any pants on.


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