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Sea Pig Role Playing Game!

The sea pig role playing game is a wonderful chance for children and adults to exercise their own repressed fantasies about magic and vixens and other areas of the occult and dragons! This however is not D&D, it is a learning experience, for novices and hard-core dicebag-carrying RPG enthusiasts. SWIM shortly expects a collectible card game to be released and for this game to be one of the most popular venues at GENCON and GEEKSPO 2001! We can only hope. It is a simple game, but with many varied and exciting possible adventures. who knows, maybe there will even be a board game!

Sea Pig Classes:

Deep Sea Sea Pigs -

The deep sea pigs have small eyes, because in the darkness sight is not very important. they also have big ears and are quiet, but are also known to not have very good manners. deep sea pigs are best known as miners, trash collectors and pimps. They also are the heavy weapons class.

Beach Sea Pigs -

The sea pigs that are common to the beach have a very thick skin, as they spend far more time out of the water than any other sea pig class, and have extremely good trading skills, they are often middlemen between humans and sea pigs. watch for them also as shopkeepers, and other types of burgeouis! Magic is very strong in this breed.

Shallow Sea Sea Pigs -

The shallows, as they are called, are shy and elfish sea pigs. they have fine manners and are very well behaved and are important in the sea pig world. they are often govermental types and very rich. But shallows are found across all walks of life, and are very influential in many areas of the sea.

Ogre Sea Pigs -

Ogre sea pigs, although rare, do exist. they are smelly, evil mutants and other outcasts from the sea pig world. beware of these characters, they can be quite mean! Some know dark spells and are friends with dark porpoises.

Humans -

Humans are often the nemesis of sea piggery, they live in villages on land but often are near the sea, fishing. many of them are evil, especially the type known as 'corporatists' who only know destruction. Humans deal often in equipment and are much more technology oriented than magic. There are many human clans.

Pigmen -

Halfbreeds. Man and pig. They are angry at the world for not being able to fit in either on land or at sea. Its a shame really, many are often very pleasant.

Porpoises -

Dark - mean, evil porpoises with a dark purpose
Light - the very opposite of dark porpoises

The rival classes of porpoises have been locked in rivalry since the beginning of time. it is not known what has started this, nor what will end it.

Sea World

This is the world of the sea pig. it is a land much like Earth, but it is called Water World locally. Water is what gives life..and takes it away. It is a dangerous world, but also one filled with hope. Mighty motor boats ply the oceans and rivers, and it is teeming with life.

The main languages spoken in the SP RPG are piggish and humanspeak. piggish is a beautiful, lilting language of Love, while humanspeak sounds like German crossed with Hebrew and Vietnamese. Klingon is pretty sexy talk compared to it. Most humans live inland, as they are afraid of the sea, and only treat it as a dumping ground and something to urinate in. Others are close to the sea, mainly old men in small boats, but there are fisheries and traders who are frequently in contact with it. Pigmen travel back and forth. Porpoises are often diplomats between rival camps of sea pigs, or between classes of sea pigs and human villages, and serve whatever purpose they are paid.

Money is seashells and electrum, 2.2 pounds of seashells equalling 2.2 pounds of electrum, which can be exchanged for goods and services. Goods might include machinery, boats, engines, food, cloaks and bamboo sticks. Services might include carwashes, the medical field, and prostitution. Pigmen females are often highly prized in both sea pig and human camps, for their soft skin and cozy bosoms.

There is a heavy trade near the sea of different kinds of equipment. Motorboats, harpoons, nets, poison, and mines are freely traded here. there are some humans, namely the 'corporatist' clan, who have declared a jihad against all sea pigs and wish to see them exterminated. They often have dark porpoises.

Psy Powers

Many characters have Psy powers. some are born that way, some are trained. just use your head when it comes to psy powers.

The porpoises

The low level war between dark and light porpoises has raged for all time. it is pure good, versus pure evil. this war can be almost negligable to some characters, but very central to others. it is not a shooting war so much as struggle for power and influence, although in the far away past is has flared into bigger proportions, drawing in non-porpoises with their own purposes. At varying times both dark and light porpoises, according to their purposes, have been allied with humans, sea pigs, mages, vampires, pigmen, orcs, fairies and trolls.

Combat and Character development

Combat is resolved by rolling 1 - 40 sided die by all parties, and whoever gets the higher number wins. The winner ten rolls a 6 sided die to determine where the damage is, 1=head, 2=body, 3=arms, 4=legs, 5=back, 6=groin. the winner then rolls a 20 sided die to determine howmuch damage. this continues until someone dies, there is no surrender, no retreat. it is a battle to the death, just like jaques cousteau would have wanted.

Charisma and hit points and other things are on a 1000 point scale, during character development everyone starts out with 25 points for the following: hit, magic, charisma, intelligence, strength, aptitude, attitude, beauty, sexual stamina, sexual prowess, luck, dexterity and alertness. Everyone starts out with 50 points for the following: musical ability, mechanical skills, sewing, digging, road building. Everyone starts out with 100 points for the following: gymnastic ability.

After that, everyone gets 100 extra points to spend, and starts out on level one, which has a modifier effect on all aspects of 1, and there are 1000 levels. levelling intially is set arbitrarily by the GM, and can be raised through experience or buying with seashells or electrum.

Well, more details will be issued later but this should be a good start, its been thoroughly playtested at CUSPEE headquarters and its blast mammal! Remember, capes or some type of medieval suit must be worn at all times by players. a sea pig costume is also acceptable, only if you are a sea pig class member. the lights must be low, and if your mom and dad can supply some dingdongs or twinkies, that would add to the whole experience. braces optional, just try to have fun more than anything and learn about the sea pigs! spread the SWIM message!


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