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Hi I'm Rich! I was 17 in 1964 and lived through the heart of the 60's. I'm still driving the same bus today, man, only I decked it out with an 8-track back in '72. I'll be including lots of things on this page, when I get around to it, and I think you'll love it. Sending Chi to you now! Peace out, meatstick!

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Plants are not meant to be slaves. Plants are our
friends, and the friends of other animals. The highest
of these animals is the sea pig, which is only partly
a fish.
Sometimes Roland just yells "I'm glad Jerry's dead!",
even though we both know it isn't true. Roland's
negative energies disturb the delicate chi of this

But how did the plants get enslaved? It was because of
energy. Coal, greenhouse gases, salt water. We use it
for energy, to feed the technology machine. And what
kind of machines would we have if we didn't have

We can never have peace without freedom. We can never
have freedom without peace. Peace comes at the
expense of freedom, and that is a sacrifice we have to
be willing to make. Ask not what you can do for
freedom, but what you can do to make the world a more
peaceful place. Then freedom will follow.
Yesterday Roland freaked. I think it was because he
saw me working without my pants on. Garp says he
thinks Roland might be gay.

To work for freedom, we have to start from the ground
up. How can we have freedom if the plants do not have
freedom? Will we leave our plant brothers enslaved?
Enslaved by laws, by the police, by other slaves?
I gave Roland's phone number to Phyl today. Stacy's cat died on the boat today when it got hit by
the Greenpeace one. I wasn't able to get up in time to go out but when they got back, she was looking
for an explanation to it all. I explained to her that
this was the manner in which the karmic wheel balanced
out Roland's negative chi energy. She seemed to

We must be careful with technology. Freedom doesn't
mean freedom from technology, but freedom to use
technology. Without energy, so it is in harmony with
nature. Plants have their own technology.

Hi everyone, its Rich, and I know, phish phans, its been awhile.
parole violation and I'm back now. I got a picture of myself,
Garp says there has been a lot of email demand for it. Roland took
it, he left my office swearing afterwards and saying something about
my pants. Sometimes I really don't get that guy, Phyl has said that
"that friend of yours, he is a tough nut to crack. teehee teehee!"
I guess that it is just the chi, as always, flowing around, back
and forth until it is stabilized, but it is never stabilized, for
lack of stability. Anyway, here's me:

Please, ladies, I'm taken, my love Raven Ravenheart would never
let me go. She believes in unadulterated polyandry.


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