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Sea Pigs Return!


            After a long hiatus, the Centralized Unilateral Sea Pig Earth Empowerment committee (CUSPEE) is back in command of the Sea Pig struggle and website.  Many of our members were arrested at the IMF protests, the Seattle Protests, and various unrelated drug charges last year, effectively shutting down SWIM.  However, due to the unassailable and hardworking local SWIM chapters, our organization has continued along unhindered. 


            After such a long time, questions might be asked.   Is SWIM still together? YES.  Is SWIM coherent? YES.  Is it time to again hoist the banner of sea mammal awareness and empowerment? YES!!!  It is by marching hand in hand with our sea pig brothers and sisters that we will be free.  The senseless and horrific slaughter by the selfless corporations of the world of the sea pig had continued. However, it is time to realize that the sea pig is not the only defenseless creature endangered by these cannibals.  There are many others threatened, and neglected.  The sea pig will continue to be our main concern, but let us broaden our minds and hearts to include the other endangered creatures of the sea.  New to this reinvigorated and reopened website of enlightenment will be added information on the sea pig.  There will also be information regarding other animals and fish we love so dearly.  Who among us has not wept at the sight of fish and turtles, scrambling up into the sand, wiggling, churning, thrashing into each other as we desperately throw them back into the sea, only to have them clamber up again? Not to mention of course, the sea pig. Hurting, lonely, defenseless.


            More features and important information are forthcoming, as well as added input by our ever-expanding network of local chapters to help disperse the message! SWIM hard!! We also salute our former alpha, Cliff Yablonski.

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