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Here are some photos from our insanely succesful SWIM booth and multi-media information command center at the "Corporationfest" in Washington D.C, central hub of the U.S. Government Machine. The photos here depict our ongoing struggle to free the sea pig from the clutches of multi-national domestic corporations and the ignorance of average working-class Americans who continually pollute the sea pig's breeding grounds with toxic chemicals. Imagine if we had the reach to open everyone's mind and no sea pigs would ever have to die a watery death! With our message being heard at protests such as this, we are one step closer to saving the sea pig. That day is still far way, but is getting closer with each passing day.

Above: Our multi-media information strike center disseminates the information to the public.

Above: A SWIM Block Leader performs an information session, and later, an interpretive dance.

Above: A Jury of sea pig peers votes overwhelmingly to indict the toxic corporations for their selfless actions. The proposal passed on a 687-452 majority.

Breakdown of Boothly Activities

1. Educate people of the toxic corporation menace.

2. Spread the SWIM Message.

3. Raise general awareness of mammals

4. Fight the power of polluting corporations.

5. Distribute sea pig parapharnelia.

Lessons to Walk Away With

The lessons to be learned here are simple and clear. The complex nature of sea pigs can be disseminated and spread to help raise awareness of the issues surrounding the plight of the sea pig. If we let international nazi corporations continue to decimate one species after another, there will be no sea mammals left. A stand must be made with the sea pig now. We marched on Washington to stand in solidarity with the sea pig. If we do not save them, next it may be the bottlenose dolphin, or the humpback whale, or even the sea gulls that everyone enjoys at the beach. Sea pigs may not be as accesible as sea gulls, but they are just as important to the earth's ecosystem. Sea pigs cannot be fed bits of bread like sea gulls, but they need to eat none-the-less! And they need to eat clean food! Sea pigs need to breed to replenish their numbers, just as the multitudes of sea gulls are free to do so. After all, sea pigs don't even deficate on your car! Why not work to keep sea pigs fed instead of sea gulls! Instead of buying bread to take to the beach with you, buy a banner to march with in solidarity with the sea pig!

Above: Old and young alike are able to learn the message of S.W.I.M. Here, protesters poke a map with a push pin indicating where they are from.

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