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30th Earth Day Celebrations

April 22nd marks the 30th Earth Day in a row. It is through this focal point that many of the ecological and environmental problems plaguing the world have been able to garner support and a following. It is through this day and related holidays such as Arbor Day that the sea pigs have a fighting chance. SWIM would like to take this occasion to praise the founders of Earth Day and those around the world who have helped bring such problems as deforestation and the depletion of the ozone layer under control. It is only through the continued vigilance and stoicism of the general populace that a watch can be kept on greedy corporations and corrupt governments that are their handmaidens. If you are not yet involved with an ecological issue, make it a point to join one or at least lend a helping hand. If we donít have the Earth to live on, where will we live? Here are some links to a few Earth Day sites SWIM recommends:

Sierra Club


Cousteau - Friend of the Ocean

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