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Monica the wonderful here! I am a womyn here me roar!!! I am monica
seller and i just want to let you know that i am so pleased to be
apart of SWIM! It is the write time to start the fight
for the sea pig and all the men that pollute. And do u
notice that it is the MALE that pollutes! They are the CEOs that run the companies that spill thier pollutants in the
sea and kill things. Just this week i was talking to my
life partner, tammy, and she agreed with me lick she always does. I said to her how terrible it is that they throw that stuff all in the sea. And they put us womyn down!! Then we went to get some coffee. Put out the SWIM message!!!!!

Hi it is monica again!!!! Guess what! Me and tammy are going to go to vermont! They have those civil unions there and as two 25 year old women, we want to tie the not! Together we have 50 years of experience, i cant see how we'd be wrong. Wish us luck. Im not sure yet when the date will be but i will keep you posted. If a woman and a woman want to be together, who can stop them???i know, you may say monica, but how do you know? Is it just a phase? Well its not!!! I took the meds and i still feel the same way about womyn that i always did! You woudnt know it, but i proposed to tammy. Yes, she was cutting my hair with the clippers, i like it to be about a half inch long, and when she took the bowl off my head i got down on both knees and axed her. She said yes of course i will mary you! I was so happy! I think for a honey moon maybe we will go sea pig watching off the coast. That would be so special!!!

i look back at my last post and i forgot to say something. Ive been with SWIM now for over a year and i feel so good about myself. Tammy helps me too. They are the nicest people at SWIM. Nobody understood me at home in nebraska, when i started wearing pants and turtlenecks or took me seriously as a womyn. I realized at a young age that i was into girls. Not just cuz i only played with barbie. What good was ken for?? Barbie already owned the stuff! And thats when i knew that men werent worth anything. It is a womyns womyness that makes her womynly, even her menstration. Its even got the word"MEN" in it!! What do they have to do with it! I havent ever seen them bleed for 5 days and live! So that is what makes me feel the solidarity with the sea pig, it suffers like us womyn. Sea pig solidarity!! I want to introduce a new sexion that Garp put me in charge of (incidentally, garp is one of the best guys i know, he is so in tune with the feminism that oozes from my every pore) which'll be called "National Awareness Tribute to Study Intervention" or NATSI and with the help of that Roland (despite our differences) i will be posting awareness articles for the readers!!!

Monica in the house!!! Whats up for the weekend??? Me and tammy are gonna go down to san francisco to visit some friends and buy some toys. If you now what i mean! Wink wink. Tammy is my life partner. She is real smart she works at the post office. Anyway, i want everyone to think about the sea pigs tonite while they are doing their thing. Maybe even take some of the challenges! Im hoping to have some NATSI articles up soon!

It seems I have missed a post! or at least i wanted to! so today mine will be doubly as long! first of all san fransisco was great. we ran into some people we hadnt seen for awhile, and had a great time. it was marred by one incident, some apparently drunk, and obviously redneck, MEN chafed us for being what they called DYKES. and you know that i got pretty pissed at that! so i told them to take their phallus-centric worldview and shove it. up their SMALL phalluses! which they must have been! guys always seem to think that militant lesbians like me absolutely must have penis envy. thats what my dad back in nebraska said. i told him to shove it! thats when he kicked me out but thats another story. so these guys finally left after i outyelled them, but then the cops showed up. one of them was a really cute bull-necked woman of about a deuce and a half, but the other was a real PIG of a guy (pun!) who i think was using his nightstick as a surrogate phallus. after we left i began to see phalli everywhere. streetlights, lampposts, parking meters, pens, pencils, needles, telephone poles, and thats just what i saw on the street! what a phallus centralized world we are! and it stinks! who cares about all these dicks! if we womyn ran the world it would be a lot different. i wouldnt see all these brainwashed womyn running around all shaved and bathed. a REAL woman doesnt shave anything. and i mean anything! let it grow. like a chia pet. and why does a woman need to bathe? cuz shes been brainwashed into believing that she has the scourge of "FEMININE ODOR". and also BO. i only bathe after my period. and i feel great! speaking of which i think its coming up. ive been pretty irregular lately. tammy and i were synchronized for quite a long time but then we had that fight, but i dont wanna talk about it. well i think thats long enough. bye, and rethink your penis!

hey just a short message for today. were all gonna be there this weekend, right?? these fisherMEN have got to be stopped. do you ever hear about fisherWOMYN doing all these bad things? no!! tammy might even come along. shes kind of afraid of the water, i think she had an accident or something. the more the merrier i say! speaking of tammy, i was speaking with her last night and she spoke about wanting to maybe join SWIM, see she is real smart she works at the post office, and she also has a library card. she wants to get into some kinda community stuff or groups. she likes doing things with groups. she also has that community service to work off yet..hmm maybe i will talk to garp about her joining us, i bet it would count for her community service! she gets so angry when she feels some MAN is coming down on her, she punched her manager at the post office and he pressed charges. she only punched him in self defense, he asked how her things were, and she thought was talking about her breasts. turns out he was just asking her how things were. theyve got it worked out now, and she works in the backroom. she cant work with customers anymore, she gets too 'aggressive' with her airmail or package insurance suggestions. and there was that rolodex incident but she doesnt want me to talk about it. sorry tammy! see you tonight, love you love you!

roland has stolen my tammy! i cant even hardly believe it. i came home yesterday and many of her things were gone. mostly just some clothing. but only day clothign! what is she wearing at night?! Roland gave his number to MY tammy..and i cant believe she called him..i guess theyre going out now. well well well. mr penis meets ms penis envy! dont worry roland she'll be back! tammy only likes the feel of one beard between her legs..MINE! got it! i am so angry. and what is puzzling me even more is if roland is gay, and has all those magazines in his office, the ones with the little boys, why does he want tammy? what does it all mean? i just feel so broken, i mean, why would she want to leave me? she told me she loved me, every last part of me. she even had just bought me a new pair of overalls. ill get her back though, Tammy is mine!

Monica is alright everyone! tammy came back tonight and its great. she said that Roland really is gay, he had a fixation on her ass AND he has homosexual magazines all over his apartment!! Who would have thought that roland and i would be in the same "family"? not me. or tammy. so we are back together and the trip to vermont is going to happen! maybe Roland can be our 'maid of honor'! i can definitely see him as a taffeta man. so to speak! i think tomorrow i will do something special for him. even though he is often mean and verbally abusive, and a phallus monger, garp says that this anger is only an outward expression of his repressed feelings for men. i can understand this, back in nebraska i was very angry before i admitted to myself and everyone that all i wanted in life was to munch carpet. later i had to explain to most of my family what that meant, but all the same i felt liberated! and ill help rich and garp create that sort of open atmosphere for him to come prancing out of the closet. when he does i know this guy who i can set him up with, Kelly. Were all really coming closer together at SWIM!

Well Roland is back to his old tricks again. im beginning to wonder if hes gay at all. he certainly is angry and abusive for a gay man! but if garp defers to rich for homosexual as well as new age questions, so do i. he came out of his office today yelling and screaming about how his package, or some package, was all pink and he didnt want it. now, as a womyn, there is nothing wrong with showing a little pink! tammy and i agree. although sometimes i dont understand why she wont go anywhere in public with me unless im wearing pants, long sleeve shirt and a hat. i prefer to be out and about, wearing some cargo shorts and a muscle shirt, and maybe a bandana. and thats it! its commando for this girl! i guess shes just jealous of me and doesnst want anyone else to see how hot AND natural i am! but anyway, maybe roland is just jealous. maybe he feels he is a woman trapped in a mans body! ill have to talk to garp about this.


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