Mission Statement of SWIM


Save Water Indigenous Mammals

The Mission Statement of SWIM

Donít let them swim to a watery grave! These magnificent and innocent creatures are in danger and close to extinction. The beautiful, gentle and intelligent sea pigs face a heinous threat. Every 260 seconds a Sea Pig is murdered by faceless corporate giants sucking the life from the bottom of the ocean for heedless Nazi fat-cat profit, and lost for all eternity. Studies have shown that sea pigs have an estimated intelligence of a dolphin, from the studies which have been done on dolphins giving them the intelligence of a 5 year old human child! Would you knowingly send a child to a watery grave? No sensible human being would do such a thing. But everyday, industrial concerns and Arab oil producers in league with the US government machine are endangering and murdering these harmless creatures. The manner in which these groups have used the Pacific Ocean as a toxic dumping ground has contaminated the water in such a way that the reproduction of Sea Pigs is endangered. The hundreds of toxic chemicals dumped into the ocean every year has drastically reduced the number and density of sea pigs. A close relative of the Manatee, the sea pig suffers in greater numbers, yet is much lesser known in American conservation circles. Due to this blatant and shameful ignorance, little action has been taken against the companies, which exploit the northwestern shores of the US, which is home to these precious mammals. YOU can help these creatures in simple every day ways. The most important thing is to know what you can do, which can be found at the SWIM (Save Water Indigenous Mammals) website which you are currently at! This is just a condensed Mission Statement about what SWIM is all about. Read, and Learn! Feel free to peruse the site and then spread the SWIM message!!

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