Save Water Indigenous Mammals

Louis Farrakhan today (2/26/01) emailed us from the Nation Of Islam and proclaimed his solidarity with the SWIM mission! It is a triumphant day for us. Let the joyus news go out! Here is his letter in its entirety. He can be reached at Leader@hotmail.com so feel free to drop him a line of thanks!


Greetings and Salutations from the Nation of Islam and Louis Farrakhan! You may know me from events such as The Million Man March, The 100,000 Man Barbeque, and the lesser known Ten Thousand Man Kwanzaa Carwash for Leprosy. My faithful servants and brothers in the struggle against White Racism and the Jewish World Conspiracy have brought your organization to my attention. The Nation of Islam is always in search of fellow organizations who are in league with our ideals.

In a world of conspiracies and bigotry, against men and sea mammals alike, the Nation of Islam has fought side by side with organizations like SWIM. The same as the FBI gave me, Louis Farrakhan, testicular cancer, they may be trying to poison you and your worthy cause. I know that if it were not for the bullet proof podium I speak from, the bullet proof car I am driven around in, the bullet proof shower in which I bathe my body, and the bullet proof raincoat I go forth during inclement weather in, I would surely be dead. Trust not the US Government Machine, and especially its vile arm, the FBI.

This is why we must fight together, against these varied and nefarious enemies of all that is good and worthy of respect. Not only are they a crime against the Almighty Lord and Heaven, but surely against Man as well. It sickens me, sometimes more, sometimes less, depending on what I've eaten, when I think about them. It's making me sick right now. But the struggle must go on, the marching must go on, and the picketing must go on until we're through.

I, Louis Farrakhan, President and Great Leader of the Nation of Islam, hereby endorse and fully condone the Save Water Indigenous Mammals organization and all it stands for. March on, brothers!


Louis Farrakhan


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