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Save Water Indigenous Mammals

What Can I Do?

"What can only one person do for the sea pig?" you might ask. Much Aplenty! Tell friends who use products from degenerate, ocean fouling companies not to do so! Engage relatives and roommates to take the sea pig challenge. "Person"-cott these companies! As you go about your everyday life, just stop to think every hour, "Have I done anything to harm sea pigs today?" Start a local chapter of S.W.I.M. and spread the message. Lastly, think about how all the other animals on the endangered species list were saved, and impliment those measures around you. Remember, SEND NO MONEY to our headquarters!!! SWIM is a grass-roots campaign -- keep your money at the local level, where it does the most good! Even at your workplace you can help save the sea pig! Don't use styrofoam to reduce CFC's. Write as little as possible with black ink so as to preserve the cleanliness of freshwater supplies. And lastly, TALK to friends, neighbors, clergy, family, and coworkers! Talk Hard!

Help Spread the Word of the Plight of the Innocent Sea Pig!

A close relative of the Manatee, the sea pig suffers in greater numbers, yet is much lesser known in American conservation circles. Due to this blatant and shameful ignorance, little action has been taken against the companies which exploit the Northwestern shores of the US which is home to these precious mammals. Multi-national domestic corporations including Cobolco, Krupp Iron Works, FPS, and others (see complete list here) need to know that we will not allow this to continue! Contact your state representative (click here), "person"-cott these companies, and most importantly INFORM others of the cause! Talk Hard!

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