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These emails were sent to our websites email address and we just want to share them with allof you SWIM members out there to show the support that SWIM has been receiving from all over! Go SWIM!

From: <mnkissgirl@yahoo.com>
To: swim_seapig@hotmail.com
Subject: Not the Doors or Steppenwolf...

I just thought I'd let you know that the song you
speak of in your post on 02/07/01 is actually from the
Cowsills. The title is, appropriately, "Hair". It was
a top five hit for them in the Spring of '69. If you
ever need a music consultant, let me know, 'cause I'm
you're girl!

"Oh say can you see, my eyes if you can - then my
hair's too short..."

From: swim_seapig@hotmail.com


Thank you fellow mammal for your email, you are obviously a person who has issues with your identity. KISS is a band of well known pedophiles who hide behind makeup and gussied-up football protective gear, and thusly have severe psychological problems. The point is not about hair, its about sea pigs. You claim to be a girl but there are doubts about this and an office pool has resulted with the following choices: 1.girl 2.man 3.partial transsexual. I myself have voted for #3 and hope you seek help.


From: 2hot4u@hotmail.com
To: swim_seapig@hotmail.com

Hey what is the deal with disney. i thought they were all cute and cuddly and all that, in fact my daughter has many of their toys and i am an employee of walt disney world. they dont pay so great and they just gave me a discount certificate at their store when the roller coaster cut off my hand, but they arent so bad. you should realy lay off, man.

angry in orange county

Dear angry orange,

As a compassionate human being, your employment at the Diabolical Disney makes me want to puke. As if by puking i could purge my body of the disgust within myself that i feel for you. do youself a favor, quit disney, ask for your hand back, and get a real job, such as "hamburger regurgitator" at taco bell or "test subject" at the police dog school.


From: swim_seapig@hotmail.com
Dear Liberal Assholes,
Greetings from Boise! You are idiots and probably homosexuals. I find your ideals and methods disgusting and I hate you. Its your liberal crap that has gotten this country in trouble. we need strong people who will slaughter sea pigs and other animals without thinking. i take my son out daily to go shoot some birds and shit, just so he'll grow up to be a man.

You make me sick,
Frank Artemis

Dear Sick,

Another reason why we should avoid Idaho. You obviously dont have a job, but can afford lots of guns to shoot poor animals. Liberalism keeps this country fresh, and ensures our goverment spends lots of money on people like you. if we could ask you one thing, please dont breed anymore.


From: gigantor@aol.com
I am a sea pig hunter. i hunt, kill, and eat raw sea pigs. if i se you in the water, i'll shoot you too. the beast master
Dear BM,
Sea Pig poaching is reprehensible. We suggest that you spend your time looking for gainful employment rather than wasting every day of your life and making children cry with your face. You may blow us, collectively.


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