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SWIM on the 19th of February, President's Day, staged a wildly successful demonstration at a local Seattle Disney Outlet store, which is sure to be felt all the way down to Disney corporate offices. Below you can see one of their farcical logos, that of the "Magical Kingdom". SWIM finds diabolical symbolism in this symbol. Only a heartless exploitative corportation would name itself KINGDOM. If they really cared about people and the world they would be the 'Magical Republic' because SWIM stands behind democracy.

Disney and their monarchical madness may mitigate many modern methods, however SWIM is not afriad. But that is not why we were there. Instead, we hope to enlighten as well as damage. we picketed like few have picketed before, and with gusto. In this author's opinion, as many as 5 or 6 SWIM members showed up. several of our picket signs were placed against the Disney wall. But we held firm. Below can be seen the logo for the Disney store, where we were at.

Mickey is pulling shut the yellow curtain of IGNORANCE, like the rat that he is. When SWIM smells a rat, as we do in Mickey Mouse, we smell a dirty red-pantsed communist rat! The demonstration lasted for the better part of two hours until most demonstrators were dispersed by the Disney store security officer, Earl B. Earl is a kindly old gentleman, definitely not aware of the damage he is causing or the evil cause he is serving, but his threats to call the police sent SWIM scurrying. SWIM then pronounced it a success and went home.
Here we have arranged some selected photographs of Disney merchandise we consider to be particularly evil. It is these products, as well as a corporate nemesis, that we protest. For in addition to a wanton disrespect for the Earth and its inhabitants, their very products not only are destructive and consume valuable resources, but are directly responsible for endangering seapigs. Below each picture is listed the reasons for a particular products crimes against humanity and seapiggery.

This angry looking fellow is Donald Duck. Unfortunately his anger is not directed at his dark Disney overlords, but against every individual seapig! D. Duck's varnish is made from an extract of boiled sea pig blubber, much the same as other varnishes are made from boiled cow or land pig blubber. it is shameful to think of the sea pigs that died to make him shiny.

If only this poor child knew the pain and suffering he was causing the world. Halloween would be a scary holiday, not the happy, sucrose hyperfest it is, if that were the case! In addition, the chemicals in the Simba suit are weakening his skin, from the acids used in its manufacture by children younger than he. This suit uses hardened and glazed sea pig eyes as the eyes for simba. Unfortunately, this lion only sees suffering.

Winnie the Pooh, he should be called Winnie the Ignorant Bear of Doom. Winnies happy-go-lucky demeanor and smile betray that fact that he is an insidious and malicious killer. His stuffing, like many Disney plush toys, is made from cotton which is thinned with less expensive sea pig hair. Without the seapigs would he be Winnie the Bare?

Tigger is a most disgusting foe. If only he were the only Tigger! He bounces all over human decency. In addition to an idiotic, blank stare that seems to say "hello world, i am a raging jackass", his stuffing is the same of his mass-murdering friend, Winnie.

The most diabolical has been saved for last. Mickey appears to want to hug you, with his outstretched rat arms, but in reality, if he was real and not a doll, and you met him, he would squeeze the life out of you, steal your wallet or purse, gouge out your eyes and probably do something unnatural with your lifeless body. Look into his eyes and know the face of terror! The killer of seapigs, sweeper of the ocean floor. This is insideosity. This is the scheming foe of SWIM and seapigs, programmed by Walt Disney himself as a remorseless rathead killing machine. Disney wantonly and with abandon has abandoned any sort of ecological thought process. this is why SWIM attempts to break their exploitation of sea pigs. "person"-cott all Disney products, especially their cute toys. underneath is a killer!


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