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Sea Pig Demographics

Sea Pigs generally weigh about a thousand kilos, with the male, or "bear" sea pig being slightly larger. The female ("hen") sea pig can reproduce easily and often, however their reproduction is being hampered by our own mindless economic pursuits! Sea pigs generally lay thier eggs in bags of ten, much like the common household roach. Sea pigs have even been found in the bilges of Japanese fishing boats! Sea pigs inhabit a limited area off the coast of the Pacific Northwest and are found no where else on earth.

Sea Pigs are warm blooded mammals, like ourselves, and are gentle plant-eating beings who only live to reproduce early and often. Why should we invade upon their helpless existence? After all, they were here millions of years before us!

More Facts From the Sea

Not only would the extinction of the Sea Pig species be a great loss in and of itself, it would have devastating repercussions on the entire Ecosystem of the Earth. The regulation of the micro organisms and certain plant species’ population of the ocean would become unbalanced, since the main diet of the sea pig is these organisms. The life forms under the sea pig on the feeding chain would not be the only ones harmed. The sperm whale, which feeds on sea pig young (“chicks”), would also suffer. With a depleted food supply, the sperm whale population would be depleted as well. The vast detrimental repercussions of the loss of just one species would be felt worldwide. Many of the species that would suffer are the same species which provide medicinal purposes to humans. Did you know that it is blubber cells from the sperm whale that helped create the vaccination for the black plague? Just think—the Plague could return to ravage the Earth if the sea pig population is depleted!

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