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Take the Sea Pig Challange!

Sea Pigs, our friends and comrades in arms. This short "quiz" and game should be able to help one expand one's knowledge and concern about the noble sea pig and all it stands for, as well as realize the value of its continued existence as a species! Many thanks to the various SWIM members for putting together this informative and informational exercise. Enjoy, have fun, and spread the SWIM message!

Challange #1

  1. Where does the Sea Pig dwell?

  2. How much does an adult male sea pig "bear" weigh?

  3. How many yeers ago was SWIM founded?

  4. Who first hunted the sea pigs nearly to extinction?

  5. What is the scientific name of the sea pig?

  6. Name 3 corporations to blame for sea pig problems.

  7. Name another 3.

  8. Can you find the sea pigs home on a map?

  9. How does one spread the SWIM message?

  10. What is the most unusual place for a sea pig?

Challange #2

Take a large amount of clay. Mold it into the rough shape of a sea pig. Add eyes, ears, a snout, and flippers. Bake for around 3 hours in an oven at 400 degrees F. Remove and allow to cool. You now have your very own sea pig! Use this sea pig in your home, office and place of worship to help spread the SWIM message! Personally, I like to keep mine on the dashboard of my car!

Challange #3

Speak with 3 strangers today about sea pigs and help spread the SWIM message to those outside your small circle of aquantainces!

Challange #4

Use an opportunity to showcase what you've learned about the peril of sea pigs in a school paper, a family gathering, or work break. Send in your ideas by clicking here and we'll post them here to share with everyone!

Challange #5

Make a concious effort to reduce your dependence on greedy corporations and the US Government Machine who pollute the breeding grounds and habitat of th endangered sea pig by purchasing products from other companies or better yet, making substitues in your own home! Read our complete list of corporations that contribute to the demise of sea pigs.

We're looking for more Challanges! Do you have a great idea for a sea pig challange that you would like to see added to this page? Email us at sea_pigs@hotmail.com and we'll be sure to post your idea here. Please keep all requests suitable for all ages!

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