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Society for the Extinction of Cats

It has come to the attention of SWIM that there exists a society so evil, so devious, so disagreeable that it makes us fear for the world. No, this is not communism. No, this is not international Nazism. No, this is not the WTO. It is somethign far, far worse, it makes Baby Jesus cry. This is the Society for the Extinction of Cats!!

Few would believe it. Few could dare support it. But here it is, growing in strength everyday. SWIM does not support this group. It is these degenerate types in league with other perverts, such as the marked-for-death beatniks at
Bonsai Kitten . This website is only one step short of Cat extinction. They will mold a live kitten to a shape, such as a jar! now as everyone would agree, a kitten in the shape of a cube would be perfect. noone is denying that. your kittens would then be stackable yet loveable, easy to use and petable, and easier to maintain. straight edges are far easier to shave than a curved edge that moves and meows! so, kitten cubism is desirable. however, any other shape simply will not do. It offends the delicate sensibilites of the SWIM membership to see cats in odd shapes such as rhombuses, parallelograms and built into erector sets. they even make kittens into little ships in bottles. the horror!

but more importantly, is the Society. Like a coven of witches, this indideous club spreads its tentacles like some kind of a satan squid. This is disturbing in and of itself, but it goes beyond that. what if there was a Society for the extinction of sea pigs? a club for the special treatment of sea piggery? a confederation for hating sea pigs? what then? it would be the antithesis of SWIM! so far we have proved you CAN have good without evil. We aim to stop the formation of such a club, organization or chatroom.

It is not cats so much we care for. it is the sea pig. if noone speaks up when they come for the cats, then noone will speak up when they come for the sea pig and they may not speak up with they come for YOU! there you are, admiring your cube kitten, when they come for YOU. and thats it. no more cats, no more sea pigs, and no more YOU.

Take this exerpt from the Society for the Extinction of cats website:
"The cat, or canus felinus, is a scourge, the Babylonians knew it, the Egyptians knew it, and the Hittites knew it. Why, do you ask, did the Hittites invent iron? Did they just pick it up off the ground and start licking it, wondering what it could do for them and their righteous empire? No. They invented iron to help in their extermination program for cats. So too, do we, lick our iron in anticipation of eradicating the cat. Consider if you will. A cat is a known carrier of many diseases, including scabies, feline leukemia, jaundice, rocky mountain spotted fever, foot fungus and cat scratch fever. It will also steal your breath at night and sacrifices Christian babies to their pagan gods. Is this the type of world we want to live in? Cats preying on our children, Liberal Democrats protecting them, and brainwashing us into believing they are harmless pets, and cats pushing us around? No! That's why we fought the Revolutionary War..Join up now! Fight the enemy - the kittens, the cats of the future!" Now as you can see, this propaganda contains many truths, but is grossly distorted. Please, do not think about starting such groups in this world, we need love, not hate. Sea pigs need your help! fight animal racism wherever you find it! Fight the Society for the Extinction of Cats website, located at
this site . Dont stand for it, dont let it in your house and dont let it in your community. join SWIM for the sea pigs today!


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