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The Three Year Anniversary of SWIM An editorial by the SWIM Alpha

SWIM was started 3 years ago on June 22, in the basement of a Seattle home on a cloudy day by two college students. They foresaw the emptiness that existed in the realm of sea mammals and filled it Since then, in three long years the SWIM message has spread to every nook and cranny of the nation, including our gentle northern neighbor, Canada. Canadians, apart from a few small national shortcomings, are like-minded to Americans and as such generally follow our lead in world affairs. This has been their benefit since they had their own revolution in the 1800s from the British Government Machine and hitched their wagon to our sails. And what a sail it has been! But that being aside, let us not forget our mission. The plight of the sea pig is characteristic of how the multinational domestic corporations treat the sea, like a gigantic international cesspool, and make it worse by dumping their toxic chemicals and waste into it and abusing it like a common backyard. This has got to stop! Three years ago the SWIM message spread like wildfire on the seas enabling us to fight the corporate sea destroyer, wherever it lay. I want to thank each and every SWIM officer down to block leader, and the rank and file party member for the support that has been shown for the sea pig. In another 3 years, we hope to add more sea mammals to the list we will fight for, and never stop until our dying gasp. Some have said we have too militant a message, and they are right. But it is balanced always by checks and balances within the SWIM organization that the louder of us are balanced by cooler heads who have a warmer message. It is through this synthesis of militancy and non-violent actions that SWIM is made strong. We have accomplished so much in the past three years, and I am confident we can accomplish so much more in the next three. Spread the SWIM message!

Other Anniversary Notes

SWIM does many local and regional initiatives, including school visits, booths at state and county fairs, and of course protests at national events. School visits can be arranged, to teach children the SWIM message, email us at sea_pigs@hotmail.com and generally information can be found as to when and where booths will be set up, depending on local SWIM chapters and memberships. The School visits are a new addition this year, for our 3-year anniversary. Check back often for information about other new ideas and submit your own at sea_pigs@hotmail.comSWIM is always looking for new members who care about the ravaged sea pigs! More information about SWIM chapters, memberships, activities and appearances can be found by clicking Here.

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