S.W.I.M. -- Save Water Indigenous Mammals!

Every 260 Seconds a Sea Pig is Murdered . . . Spread the S.W.I.M. message . . . Don't Let them Swim to a Watery Grave! . . .


Save Water Indigenous Mammals


Top News:

  • NEW!!! 3/28/01 The new Sea Pig Role Playing GAME!
  • NEW!!! 3/16/01 The WORLDWIDE plan of perverts to eliminate all CATS!!
  • NEW!!! 3/9/01 As a new SWIM section, SWIM fan EMAILS!!
  • NEW!!! 3/7/01 Ted Turner/Mormon CONSPIRACY!!
  • NEW!!! 3/03/01 NRA horror andMENACE!!
  • NEW!!! WITH EVEN MORE!! 3/01/01 An expose of known seapig poachers! See their pics! read their bios! and harass THEM!!
  • NEW!!! 2/26/01 The Nation Of Islam Endorsement letter!
  • NEW!!! 2/23/01 The Prostitution and Degeneracy of Disney, or, How Disney kills seapigs with EXTREME PREJUDICE!
  • We have returned brothers! By Garp Havana
  • The day the kids won one for the sea!
  • Earthy news, man!
  • Our list of corporations that are harming sea pigs has been updated to include many names recently released in an EPA report.
  • The updates! Posts from our CUSPEE council members!
  • Below are the daily, or near daily posts of what's going on in the (sea)world of our top SWIM members! Advice, happiness, wonderfulness and SWIM updates! Take a read mammal!
  • Garp Havana's Korner!
  • Stacy Gonzalez!
  • Roland Metzer!
  • Monica Seller!
  • Rich!


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