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Hello fellow mammals, its Garp Havana here with one of my semi weekly updates! Sometimes I feel the need vent my frustrations like an animal. Today is one of those days. Another year has gone by with the rape and pillaging of the sea continuing unabated. I sat back this new years eve and aloud to myself, Garp, whats the deal, man? And i thought that was pretty prophetic. I mean, what is the deal with it all? When will people wake up and realize what we are doing to the earth? After i washed out the bottle of my home-brewed garden beer, it came to me. Let freedom ring! Let freedom ring for the SEA! This year we need to envigorize the SWIM movement and spread the message, and so we shall! The website is just one aspect of our growing powerful organization. I and others of the CUSPEE group will be taking a more frontal role in the spreading. Hop to it!

Garp here. I cant tell you what a wonderful week its been. I traded my old, gas guzzling volkswagen rabbit in and bought one of those new honda prions. This car is way more efficient and it creates energy when you brake! Its sleek and affordable at around 20k. I encourage all SWIM members to trade in their microbuses, vans and campers for these sleek new greenhouse-friendly cars.

Garpie comin atcha! I want to introduce some of the other regular members of CUSPEE who will be posting comments, helpful hints and other news. Stacy gonzalez is our event and protest coordinator, she is a great woman who has been with us since the beginning of the resistance. Look for her! Roland metzer is our webmaster and office computer guy. He still uses his Commodore 64! Way to go guy. Reuse, recycle, return!
Rich is an old friend, much older than me! He and my father used to tour around the country with the Dead and lived in that commune for a number of years. He's a great guy with a lot of useful experience!
Lastly, monica seller is not only a friend of the sea, shes a womyn! In addition to being our san fransico chapter leader she helps us out here with her life-partner, gretchen.

great first posts from my team members. Go seapigs go! I just want to remind everyone to have a wonderful and safe week! Take a sea pig challenge. Think about that coworker who is a little ignorant of the plight of the sea pig. Maybe you should talk to him or her a few times today, maybe in your morning break, at lunch, afternoon break and before you go home. It is through persistence that our message goes out!

happy birthday to me! Although im not going to tell you how old i am, ill give you a riddle. My age is half that of my fathers, but twice that of my youngest brother. What is it? If you get it, email me at swim_seapig@hotmail.com !!
also today, my weekend was great, that gathering we had at DeSoto's Vegetarian Grill was wonderful and it also reminded me to say that we are having another SWIM gathering in seattle on April 1, 2001. Be there or be square!

garp in the house! I read a news story today that made me sad. You guessed it, cloning. SWIM in no way supports cloning. I mean, man, after all. Who wants an exact copy of you running around?? It would be great to use it to bring back some extinct species and all, but SWIM is diametrically opposed to the government machine having more control over us! They could use our clones to frame us, do our dirty work, or create more armies of oppression. Oppose cloning!

happy february! Ive got a joke for you. What is a metric ton, eats plans, and is lovable? Give up? A seapig! This guy i hang around with told that one to me. I didnt get it at first.
SWIM would like to remind everyone that it is Black History month. I have many black friends, i even lived downtown for a while once. I know how they feel! I have my finger on the pulse of black anger man. I sympathize with all those movies like boyz in the hood and new jack city, i know what they are talking about. There is another group that is oppressed, and it is the sea! World wide corporations dumping their toxic wastes to the sea, destroying it and our friend the sea pig. Oh yes that reminds me, here at SWIM we hope to be featuring other endangered creatures of the sea. Watch out!

It's another day in the Neigh..oh, hi there! I am just in such a good mood! Here we are, celebrating Black History Month, showing our common "Roots"! I watched that movie last night to honor the heritage and tribulations of the slaves. Afterwards, I was hanging out with Rich, and I had him listen to some of the new John Tesh album I got. It was very soothing and helped us transcend to the other plane...the aroma candles an special pillows I just picked up this weekend helped too. Suddenly I found myself in the body of a slave, a field hand named Socrates or Samuel, and I couldnt stand the stifling heat. Now I know what they had to go through. I felt so guilty that I had to ask Rich to leave me alone in the conversation pit, it was just too much. He didn't say too much either, he must have had a powerful experience as well. Sometimes these things just have such a powerful effect. Let us all learn from it. And i highly recommend Tesh's new album!

The Garpster! Today is another beautiful day. Today i have something very special to talk about. Its my pony tail. I have cultivated this ponytail for several years now and I consider it to be one of SWIM's greatest assets. and Why do i do this? because, fellow mammals, it makes me more sensitive. it puts out a certain vibe from my inner child, who i regained contact with after a year or so of nightly primal screaming. you never know what its like to scream at yourself, naked, in a darkened basement nightly. you should really try it. the ponytail is sleek, vibrant and full of moxie. i say moxie because it also appeals to all classes. and thats what moxie is. many people have commented upon my pony tail. it reaches about the middle of my back and i keep it in 3 or 4 rubber bands, depending on my mood for the day. actually i dont use rubber bands, they are too harsh on my hair and give split ends. really, what i use is those fabric elastic "scrunchies". I think this also helps me get some contact with my feminine side. which is another exension of the ponytail. although i realize not all females have hair long enough to have a pony tail, and that is a beautiful choice. like monica. even she has commented on the lushness of my pony tail. there is also that song by steppenwolf or the doors or something about 'long beautiful hair..straight wonderful hai-ar' and i think thats a great song. one last thing before i go today, every day i look at this pony tail and am amazed at how sensitive and kind it helps me become, exuding understanding and compsassion. think about it.

Garpamania! I would like to dedicate today's post to my cat, Tiger, who died 5 years ago today. Buddha rest her tabby little soul. Anyway, i have two things i wish to speak about today. first is about our activity this weekend, the circling of the buzzards. the buzzards of SWIM that is!! we will be harassing some fishermen out in the bay who have been catching sea pigs in their nets. be there or be square, man! and you dont wanna be square! these people must be shown the error of their ways. we will go out in the SWIM boat, drive around and around blaring SWIM's message, and John Tesh, until we run out of SWIM's gas. I hope a few of us can join us. its BYOB. bring your own boat. secondly i want to talk about my ponytail again. consider it the second part of a new 2-part series. When we go out i will be wearing a protective covering for my ponytail, and in an unusual move, I will not be washing it the night before. I want to leave in more of my hair's natural oils and protectants as protection against the salty sea air. however it will be some type of clear or transparent protective covering as i wish to display the ponytail and its ecological righteousness to the fishermen and all who can see. it will be a good day. Carpe Ponytail!

Garp coming at you here, sadly. Today is a day of mourning for us here at SWIM, despite our decidedly mixed result expedition, one of us is gone. Stacy's cat, Socks, warrior, friend, eater of dry cat food, was an unfortunate casualty of our brou-ha-ha with Greenpeace. I salute you, Socks, honorary fallen feline of fortitude! I will personally dedicate the next John Tesh album i purchase to you. I would dedicate one i own now, but they are all dedicated to my mother, who so graciously allows me to live in her basement. Perhaps once Stacy has recovered sufficiently, we will all take a trip down to the Humane Society and get her a new cat. maybe i will get some as well. I urge you all to read about our exploits, it currently in the TOP NEWS section. I would like assure everyone that despite our difficulties, my ponytail was undamaged. In honor of Socks, the martyr, I'll keep today's post short. peace.

the garp here. I think that Rich and i have bonded quite a lot recently, we have had many long talks and im glad he is a part of the SWIM CUSPEE group. I also feel we have started to become close regarding Roland's possible homosexuality. more and more i find that Rolands anger has got to be an outward expression of this repressed manlust. as with matters of new age and karmic questions, i also defer to Rich on the subject of homosexuality. he seems to be a master in both areas. the man also saved a sea pig with his bare hands!! rich knows a guy named phyl, who lives with rich's girlfriend ravenheart down at the commune. phyl is outrageously gay, i met him once for about 10 minutes while waiting for the bus and he grabbed my ass an average of once per minute. i took the next bus. anyway, rich gave phyl rolands number, and has started sending him homosexual literature. i think rich is correct, as i defer to him, that we need to create a safe environment for roland to come out in. roland, come out of that closet! let the world know, you're gay! and happy valentines everyone, love the sea pig too!

The Garpinator here! although the only thing I'm terminating is IGNORANCE! I am pleased to announce that the John Tesh CDs that were lost on our fishing outing have been replaced. Also, Stacy will be making a post tomorrow, she is feeling much better after her loss of Socks, and this weekend we will be going to the Humane Society to adopt a new cat for her! I may get one as well, if mother approves. Furthermore, we will be staging a protest outside of a major corporation on Monday, we will announce details this weekend. We know that the corporate machine keeps a close eye on our reactionary website and would be prepared. take that, corporate mono-culture! Stacy and I spend many hours together recently to help her get over her loss. Rich also said a few kind words and explained the significance of this loss in terms of the great wheel. Stacy and I had a pajama party last night, it was wonderful, i believe she got a lot out of it and we bonded even closer. on a sadder note, Roland has been having fits over Rich's lack of pants at times, which Rich and I more and more believe to be a result of Rolands repressed manlust, and rich has been very helpful in creating a safe atmosphere for roland, and i applaud his tolerance of roland's out bursts. Rich usually just mumbles something about how pants are not freedom. On monday our assault will take place in the morning, and i then hope to have the pictures and summary up on the site here in the afternoon or evening. free the seapig!
Garpamatrix! success again! it seems the SWIM jumps from one success to another these days. Some are naturally not as successful as others, but each are successful in some way. in the great karmic circle, it is through these little successes, in the face of failure, that we succeed. i would like to thank everyone involved with our disney demonstration for their support and i dont want to chastise those who didnt show up, or even make a sign or donate money, but instead to show them that these are the things we can accomplish, think what we can accomplish with more people showing up! Garp is pleased, and the Earth is pleased. I think we've made a significant step here today mammals!
Garparaia! Its been a slow week here at SWIM, following our crushing victory over Disney on Monday. Also, we have been having extremely secret meetings to formulate our next attack. All I can tell you is that it is a revealing expose on a well known media magnate. this magnate has a record of horrible offenses against humanity. watch for it this weekend! Otherwise, on a more personal note, Stacy will be going with me to pick out a kitten, mother has finally allowed me to have a small one to live with me in the basement. i hope to find one of similar personality and intelligence as me, so we have lots to talk about. i believe i shall name this cat Wyndjammyre, Darth of Na'al after my D&D character, but ill probably just call him windy. or pete, im not sure which yet. Wyndjammyre is a level 38 wood elf with a thousand hit points and maximum charisma. im quite proud of him and his exploits. Perhaps i should come up with a new age seapig role playing game!

garprag! im a palindrome! many new things are up, roland has been sick and not able to update the page as often as we'd like. although he sounds fine on the phone, tammyhas said from the background that indeed, he is sick. i hope he gets better soon! also, the SWIM team has been very busy doing research and doging bullets for the newest conspiracy expose, that of ted turner and the mormons! i was listening to some john tesh in my mothers basement, when some dark suited men with atlanta braves baseball caps approached me and told me that i better 'deep-6' this story or theyd do that same to me. naturally, i said i would, i am apacifist and they were pretty big. so they rearranged my furniture for me, and left. but i tricked them, the story is up! mother locks the door now at night so i think we'll be safe. have a read mammals!

Garpetcetera! Hi there mammals. we have been SUPER busy here at SWIM CUSPEE, its difficult now with our martyr gone, having to take on her extra work too. its been rough but we feel lucky to have a martyr now, it really adds alot to our movement. its just sad that it had to be one of our own. as John Tesh sang, "its a love gone bye/bye love bye" and that makes me think of Monica. Anyway, new article coming out tomorrow, watch for it! we havent been able to get some good protests lately, we have been doing more planning, all the books say that its good so, thats what we do! later!


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